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User agreement

Ubonus Privacy Policy


  • How do We Collect and Use Personal Information of Customers

The customer shall authorize us to collect and use their own personal information

Our products and / or services include some core functions, which contain the functions necessary to achieve online shopping, to improve our products and / or services and to ensure transaction safety. In order to achieve these functions, we may have to collect, save and use the following customer related information. If the customer does not provide the relevant information, they will not be able to enjoy the product and / or service we provide. These functions include:

  • User registration

Firstly, customers need to register a Ubonus account to become the Ubonus user. Customers need to provide us with at least an account name, password, customer's cell phone number and e-mail address. The account name of the customer is the default nickname of the customer. At the same time, the customer could amend and supplement the nickname, gender, birthday, interests and his relevant information of real-name verification as these information belongs to the account information of customer. The supplementary account information will help us to provide personalized product recommendation and better shopping experience, but if customers do not provide these information, it will not affect the basic functions of online shopping, either.

  • Display and Search of the Products

In order to help customers quickly find their desirable goods, we may collect equipment information and the browser type about the use of our products and / or services of our customers (information of equipment: name, type, identification code, operating system and application version, language settings) to provide the best way of commodity information for customers. We will also use the above personal information to constantly improve and optimize the functions mentioned above.

  • Place an order

When the customer is ready to settle the goods in the shopping cart, our system will generate an order for the customer to buy the goods. Customers need to fill in name, address and phone number, order number, information of products or services they have bought, payment amount and mode of payment. They could also fill in the number of fixed telephone and e-mail address of consignee to add more contact way to ensure accurate delivery of goods. However, if you do not want to provide these information, your orders would not be affected.

  • Payment

As soon as the order is placed, the customer can choose the payment service of related party or the third party cooperated with Ubonus, which includes Paypal and Royal Pay. The payment itself does not collect customer's personal information, but we need to share the information of the customer's order and transaction amount with these payment institutions to achieve their confirmation and complete the payment.

  • Delivery of products or services

When the customer pays the order and chooses the line to complete the payment, the related party or the third party distribution company, including Fastway,  Australia post and so on, will complete the delivery of the products for the customer. When the above distribution companies are known and agreed by customers, they will use the customer's order to ensure that their products could be delivered safely.

  • Customer service and after-sales Service

Our telephone customer service and after-sales function will use the customer's account information and order information.

In order to ensure account security of customers, our agents of call center and online customer service will use the customer's account information to make identity verification with customers. When we are required to provide customer service and after-sales service related to their orders, we will query the customer's order information. Customers may provide other information when communicating with our customer service staff, for example, amendments of the delivery address, contact person or contact phone.

If the customer is fully aware the following cases, then no authorization is needed when collecting and using their personal information .

  • It is related to the security of the state and the national defense;
  • It is related to public safety, public health and major public interests;
  • It is related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment execution, etc;
  • To maintain the vital legal rights and interests of the life and property of customer himself or other individuals but difficult to agree with customer himself.
  • The personal information collected has been opened to the public.

f. The personal information of the customers is collected from the disclosed information on public, such as information from legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;

g. It is necessary to sign the contract in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

h. It is necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products and / or services provided, such as the failure to find and dispose of the products and / or services.

i. It is necessary for a legal news report.

j. It is necessary for academic research institutions to carry out statistics or academic research based on public interest. Meanwhile, when it provide the results of academic research or description, it will eliminate personal information contained in the results.

k. Other circumstances stipulated in the laws and regulations.

  • How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose the customer's personal information.

We shall not share personal information with any company, organization or individual other than the Ubonus, except in the following cases:

  • Obtain the consent or authorization of the customer in advance;
  • Be provided in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, the legal procedure, the mandatory administrative or judicial requirements;

c. Be provided within the scope permitted by laws and regulations to protect stakeholders, related parties or partners, customers or other users or public from being injured of property or safety.

d. Only by sharing the information of the customer, can we realize the core functions of our products and / or services or provide the services that the customers need.

e. The customer needs to deal with the disputes between the customer and others.

f. In accordance with the relevant agreements signed by the customer, including the online signing of the electronic agreement and the corresponding platform rules, or other legal documents.

g. The use of academic research;

  • The use of the public interests in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  • How do we protect and save the customer’s personal information

Our technology and measures to protect the customer's personal information:We attach great importance to the security of personal information and take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect the customer's personal information.

  • Technical measures on data security

We will adopt safety protection measures that meet the standard of the industry, including establishing reasonable system and safety technology to prevent personal information from being accessed and modified by the user without authorization, so as to avoid damage or loss of data.

Our network service adopts the encryption technology of security protocol on transport layer and browse through https to ensure the safety of user data during the transmission process. We adopt encryption technology to encrypt and preserve the personal information of the user and isolate information by isolation technology.

When personal information is used, such as display and contextual computing of personal information, we will use multiple data desensitization technologies including content substitution and SHA256 to enhance the safety of personal information. Our company use strict data access control and multiple identity authentication to protect personal information and avoid being used illegally of data. Our company use the code security automatic inspection, the data access log analysis technology to carry on the personal information security audit.

  • Other security measures taken for the protection of personal information

We establish classification system of data classification, management standards and development standards of data security to manage the storage personal information. We provide comprehensive security control for the data through the information contact security protocol, monitoring and audit mechanism. We set up the data security committee with the special department of information protection and the emergency response organization of data security to promote and ensure the security of personal information. Security certification and service. The bottom cloud technology that we store customers’ personal data has been received level three certification of cloud certification issued by the Data Center Alliance, level three certification security and safety protection approved by the Ministry of Public and ISO27000 certification.

Strengthen the sense of safety. We will also hold a training course on security and privacy protection to enhance the awareness of employees about the importance of protecting personal information.

  • We only allow our employees and partners of the related parties to access personal information when it is necessary, and set up strict access control and monitoring mechanisms. We also require all staffs who may know the personal information of the customer to perform the corresponding confidentiality obligations. If they fail to fulfil these obligations, they may be investigated for legal responsibility or to be discontinued with the cooperation of our company.
  • We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that unrelated personal information is not collected. We will only retain the customer's personal information within the time limit required for the purpose described in the cost policy unless the reservation period is extended or the legal permit is required.
  • The Internet is not absolutely safe, at the same time, e-mail, instant messaging, social networking software and other means of communication with other users cannot be guaranteed fully encrypted. As a result, we recommend that customers use complex passwords when using these tools, and pay attention to the protection of the security of personal information.
  • The Internet is not absolutely safe. So we will try our best to ensure the security of any information the customer sends to us. If our physical, technological, or management protection facilities are damaged, and the information is unauthorized access, public disclosure, tampering, or destruction, which results in the damage of the legitimate rights and interests of our customers, we will take corresponding legal responsibilities.
  • Disposal of the security incident
  • During the transaction of online goods or services, customers will inevitably disclose their personal information to the trading party or potential trading party, such as contact mode or postal address. Customers should carefully protect their personal information well and only provide to others if necessary.

For sake of avoid possible risks caused by leakage, damage and loss of the personal information, Ubonus has made numerous systems to clarify the classification and grading standard of security incidents, security vulnerabilities and the corresponding process. It has also set up a special emergency response team for safety incidents. According to the requirements of safety incidents disposal, we launch safety plans for different safety incidents to stop, analyze, position, make remedial measures, and trace and attack them with related departments together.

When personal information security incident is occurred, we will inform customers about relevant information in time in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. The information include the basic situation and potential impact of security incidents, measures that have been taken or will be taken, suggestions for customers to prevent independently and reduce the risk, remedial measures and so on. At the same time, we will inform customers timely through mail, letter, telephone, push notice, etc. If it is difficult for us to inform customers one by one, we will make an announcement in a reasonable and effective way. Meanwhile, we will also take the initiative to report the disposition of incident according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

  • If the customer has any doubts about our personal information protection, you can contact us through the contact information on the website.







The agreement for the entry of merchants on Ubonus


The requirement for the merchants for the entry


  • The merchants need to have the qualification of legal management in Australia;
  • The merchants need to provide the ABN during the entry to Ubonus, Ubonus will complete the audit for the qualification of the merchants within 1-2 working days;
  • After the completion for the audit of qualification, the merchants need to provide the complete policy for the return and switch of the products and the clauses of after sales service, Ubonus will complete the audit for the clauses with the regard to the policy of return and switch of the products and the clauses of after sales service from the merchants within 1-2 working days;
  • The merchants need to provide the product image and product introduction that meet the requirement of Ubonus, if the product image does not meet the standard, Ubonus will employ the professional photography team to take photo for the product of the merchants, the cost generated shall be undertaken by the merchants;
  • The commodities sold by the merchants on Ubonus must be the commodities within the merchants’ scope of business license.


The Entry fee for the merchants


  • The entry fee: $99/year, Ubonus will provide the service of information input and the establishment of the fleet shop for the merchants.
  • The product input fee: $79 (the top 10 products), if the quantity for the products inputted is more than 10, then the additional charge is $10/product. (If the merchants choose to input products on their own, Ubonus will provide the free technical guidance.)
  • The product photography fee: If the merchant is not able to provide the pictures of the product that meet the requirement of Ubonus, Ubonus will hire the professional photography team to take photos of products for the merchant and the charge shall be determined in accordance with the specific situation.
  • The offset costs of the commodities: if the merchants choose to provide the entry fee with the offset of commodities and the charge for the input of their products, the merchants need to provide the commodity with the same value that is no less than $500, Ubonus will use the commodity provided by the merchants to conduct the regular activities of lucky draw or rush draw etc. to improve the brand recognition of the merchants.
  • Note: For merchants settled in before June 1, 2018, Ubonus will eliminate all the fees of the first year after they settled, including platform settlement fee, product entry fee (no more than 10) and promotion expenses. No commissions are charged. Due to limited time and opportunities, first come, first served.


The strategy of promotion and the costs


  • The site promotion of Ubonus

Ubonus will provide the large banner on the front page, the recommended position on the right side of the front page and the position of advertisement on the hottest position under the banner for sales, the charge standard is as follows: Banner: $79/month (the minimum purchase time is one month); the recommended position: $49/month (the minimum purchase time is one month); The hottest position: $39/month (the minimum purchase time is one month);

  • The promotion of Ubonus on Wechat

Ubonus provides the service of planning and release for the soft article on the platform of Wechat, the costs are as follows: The top advertisement of Ubonus Wechat official account: $99/piece (including the typesetting of the article, excluding the planning and writing of the article); The side advertisement of Ubonus Wechat official account:$59/piece (including the typesetting of the soft article, excluding the planning and writing of the soft article); The planning and release of the soft top: $199/piece (including the typesetting of the soft article and the planning and writing of the soft article); The planning and release of the soft top: $159/piece (including the typesetting of the soft article and the planning and writing of the soft article);

  • Promotion outside of the station

If the merchants expect for the promotion outside of the station, the marketing officer of Ubonus will provide the extremely targeted method of special promotion outside of the station, the specific price for the special promotion shall be determined in accordance with the specific situations.


The settlement for the payment


Ubonus will charge for the payment of commodity transaction in a unified way and provide the two settlements for the payment which are as follows specifically:

  • Settlement on week basis: Ubonus will check the sales records of merchants every Monday and split the document to the merchants in a unified way, the split amount is the total amount of transaction for the merchants last week (with the deduction of the commission and the charge of procedure on the platform of payment from a third party) the split pattern is the bank transfer, the merchants should provide the receipt after receiving the payment;
  • Withdraw from the wallet of Ubonus: the merchants may enter the wallet of Ubonus to apply for the withdrawal, the amount of withdrawal should not be more than the amount available; after receiving the application, Ubonus will transfer the payment to the bank account of the merchants within 3-5 working days; if Ubonus has any suspicion to the payment applied by the merchants, Ubonus has the right not to transfer the payment to the merchant and conduct the investigation.


Terms and Conditions


  • The settled merchants need to carefully read this document, after the confirmation and signature, both parties must strictly follow the agreement in this document;
  • In case there is any accident or dispute due to the quality issue of the commodity itself, the merchants who provide the commodities should be fully responsible for it, Ubonus does not undertake any responsibilities.
  • The merchants need to agree Ubonus to use the information of the merchants (such as the trademark and the introduction of the merchants etc.) in accordance with the law.
  • If the merchants want to notice Ubonus to adjust the classification of the commodities online or the quantity of the inventory, he or she should notice the customer service of Wechat through WEchat or E-mail, Ubonus will keep the screenshot of the chat record on E-mail or Wechat as the archives.
  • If Ubonus finds out the suspicious trace, it may limit or close the account of the merchants at any time.
  •  If Ubonus receives the complaint from the customers, it will offer the communication period for the merchants and the customers with a duration of 14 days, Ubonus will conduct the mediation within 14 days, but it will not take actions; after 14 days, Ubonus will make the arbitration with the regard to the dispute; if the merchant or the customer is not satisfied with the result of the arbitration, Ubonus will transfer the case to a legal arbitration institute of a third party;
  • If the background system of Ubonus occurs with the damage that cannot be resisted, Ubonus will try its best effort to compensate for the loss occurs to the merchants and customers, and conduct the data settlement in accordance with the voucher provided by the merchants and users, but it is not responsible for the loss of transaction delay with the merchants or the customers due to the problem of the system;
  • Ubonus will re-audit the qualification of the merchants for operation every 12 or 24 months;
  • Ubonus has the right to irregularly change any of the clauses in this document; Ubonus has the final interpretation right for all the clauses in this document.







Delivery policies


Commodity products

To meet the clients' demand for multi-varieties, small lot size, multi-lots and short period, Ubonus follows the professional ethics of "good faith upmost" and high consciousness of responsibility for the society to create a service platform of full supply chain with efficient and quality service and own unique advantages, so as to guarantee optimal shopping experience for the users in an all-round way.  The platform will strictly realize individualized delivery as per the users' ordering requirements on schedule, to serve different users by delivering goods of fixed quantity at fixed time and fixed place, so as to create a healthy, green and sustainable ecosphere of e-business.  

After fully investigating the clients' demands, we established following delivery policies for commodity products based on the principles of honesty, equity, mutual benefit and mutual respect to guarantee benefit of both parties.  


Self-operated products

If the user chooses delivery: The Ubonus will deliver the ordered products to the designated address within 1-3 days after the order is placed, and the user needs to pay a freight of $2.98 for within 35km in urban area of Melbourne. In case of exceeding this scope, Ubonus will negotiate with the client about topping up the freight.  

If the user chooses to take delivery by himself/herself: The client may see the concrete information for taking delivery on the page of commodity details.  


Product of business

If the user chooses delivery: The business will make immediate delivery after receipt of order, with concrete freight to be defined by the business. Please contact customer service personnel of Ubonus if the user does not receive the goods within one week, and Ubonus will check and negotiate with the business in full power to guarantee the client's benefit.  

If the user chooses to take delivery by himself/herself: The clients can see the concrete information for taking delivery on the page of commodity details. We suggest first contacting the business before taking delivery to confirm the concrete time and place.  


Coupon products

The cash coupon/coupon products have no problem of deliver, and the users can just carry the electronic coupons in email to the designated place for consumption or privilege.  


Return of goods

In case of goods returning, the clients need to negotiate with the business about postage.  Please choose the best service mode according to your own demands. Wish you a happy shopping journey.  



  • Refundable rules

If the order is in accordance with the following circumstances, the Ubonus will promise that product can be returned within 7 days from the date of the customer's receipt, and it can be exchanged within 15 days. The customer can submit the repair application online for refund. The specific refundable standards are as follows:


Specific Description

Whether to Support 7 days (containing) return or not

Whether to Support 15 days (containing) return or not

Return Freight


Function or quality problem of goods stipulated by the state law

Inspection and confirmation by the manufacturer designated by the manufacturer or the special after-sale service center, and the inspection report or  after sale confirmation confirms that the goods is defective.




Please contact the Ubonus after sale for the non testing conditions

Goods that are damaged,     have missing parts or its description is not consistent with website.

Damage, leakage, breakage and performance failures caused by logistics damage during transportation are returned within 24 hours after receipt of goods, and verified after verification. Lack of part refers to the missing parts of the goods.




During the review, the courier may be required to prove or ask you to provide you with a real photo so that you can make a quick decision and deal with it.

Other Causes

In addition to the above two reasons, the replacement goods, which are caused by personal reasons, are under the premise of good goods and complete accessories.







  •  The following goods could not be returned without reasonable reasons:
  • Goods that is designated for the individual;
  • Fresh and perishable commodities;
  • Online download or the audio and video products that you have opened, computer software and other digital products;
  • The commodity of newspapers and periodicals delivered;
  • The goods that are not suitable for the return according to the nature of the goods with your own confirmation when you are buying:
  • Easily affect the people’s safety or health or lead to the change of commodity when it is opened;
  • A commodity whose value is devalued after activation or trial;
  • The goods that are near the warranty period at the time of the sale or defective commodities;
  • Other goods that are not suitable for return according to the nature of the good or those tagged with "there is no reason to return" with your confirmation when you buy them.
  • There is no guarantee to return the goods that is in good condition, which can maintain the original quality and function, and the goods themselves, accessories and trademarks are all identified.


  • Goods could not be returned in the following case:

(1) goods that are not sold by Ubonus;

(2) goods exceeding warranty period;

(3) Quality problems that are caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accident, alteration, incorrect installation, or tearing up, altering the label, machine serial number and anti-counterfeiting mark.

(4) Others should not deal with the return of goods according to law.